Ntate moruti

Dumela ntate Moruti de Boer

I’m happy to hear from you and hope you are also well with your family. On behalf of the church we want to thank you in advance to remember us. The bank account is NEDBANK Account number 1644303205 I don’t have the branch code you can use the universal. Send our regards to the Dutch church!

Hoping to see you some other day

Warm regards

Jan Maila


Jan Maila (rechts) tijdens All Night Prayer in Mamelodi (Pasen 2012)



From: Tjeerd de Boer [mailto:moruti.tjeerd@gmail.com] Sent: 16 March 2016 18:02 To: JAN MAILA <JAN.MAILA@psa.co.za> Subject: Money

Dumela ntate Maila.

I hope every thing is still OK with you and your family.

I still remember you as my brother in Christ.

Also the church in Mamelodi and brother Sam as your pastor

Send greetings to them all.

‘My Dutch church’ decided to use one collection for the poor people in Africa.

Can you provide me with the bank account details of the church?


Thank you and I will hear from you.

Pastor Tjeerd


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